Dave Newby


If you are looking for something different to listen to, then you have come to the right place. You will find a mixture of Jazz, Rock, Ambient and neo-Classical music. Also pieces ideally suited for background in film. Much of my music defies categorization, but it's all quite listenable.
All music © by David and/or Judith Newby 2005-2006. All rights reserved.

                                                             -» I am a member of Versus Media and I have two films to my credit in the last year. I'm also a proud member of Vox Novus which provides a forum for new musicians and composers to air their work.

                                                        -» I was also invited and serve as the Forum Moderator at the Experimental Music Section of Naughty Audio.
                                                Email me or click on any of the links below to hear and/or download full cuts of my music. Give it a try!
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